Young and impulsive, Raff has the morals of an alley-cat, and hidden depths he's plumbing.



Lifepaths: City Born, Apt Pupil (MagBu)

Age: 16


  • I will help Theodren get how smoking he is.
  • Relying on others for money is dodgy at best, I need to get some cash together.
  • I’m going to learn how to see the Elf roads. (Open Elf Road-wise)


  • Start a fire when I need a diversion
  • If nobody’s looking, pinch it
  • Always tell the truth to Sorcerers

11 Days for R Sorcery Instruction.

Artha 4 Fate, 1 Persona, 0 Deeds

Will B5 CCCC, Perception B2 D, Power B3 (D), Agility B3 (CD), Forte B4©, Speed B3 (DD)

Reflexes: B3,
Su: B3, Li: B5 x, Mi: B6, Se: B7, Tr: B8, MW: B9

Health: B3 R
Steel: B4 RRDDDDC, Hesitation: 5
Stride: 7
Resources: B1 R
Circles: B2

  • Etiquette B1
  • Inconspicuous B3
  • Intimidation B1 CC
  • Obscure History B1
  • Ugly Truth B1 (RR)
  • Sing B1
  • Sleight of Hand B3 R
  • Sorcery (Art Magic) B4, RD


  • Brawling (Agi 7) xx
  • Bolt Hole-wise (Per, 8) x
  • Dagger (Agi 7) x
  • Elf-Road Wise (Per 8) xxxx
  • Falsehood (Will 5) x
  • Firebuilding (Per 8) x
  • Foraging (Will/Per 7) x
  • Haggling (Will 5) xxx
  • Persuasion (Will 5) xxx
  • Pyre-wise (Per) 8 xx
  • Read (Per 8) xxxxx
  • Scavenging (Per, 8) xx
  • Soothing Platitudes (Will 5) x
  • Seige-wise (Per 8) x
  • Writing (Per/Agi 8) xxxxx
  • Heraldry () x


  • Tracking.x

Artha Spent
Circles: 2F 1P 0D
Sorcery: 6F 3P 1D
Speed: 4F 0P 0D
Power: 0F 1P 0D
Etiquette 0F 1P 0D
Steel: 1F 0P 0D
Resources: 1F 1P 0D
Inconspicuous 1F
Perception 3F

Character Traits: Believer, Foul-mouthed, Loyal
Die Traits: Gifted
Call-On Traits:

1D Arsonist (Yeoford)
1D Irresponsible apprentice (Sorcerers)
1D Saved Lord Harlow (Wardford)
3D Irresponsible with Fire (Spirits)
2D Elf-slayer (Infamous)

Schools of Magic: 1D Name of Flame

All Things Shall Come to Ash x (Illusion, 1 Target, 1 Test)
Firebringer’s First Flame xxxx (Destroy With Sorcerous Fire, 1 Target, 1 Test)
Set Fire In The Eyes (Blind trait, 1Target, 1 Test)
Monsters From The Flames (Transformation, self, conflict) x
Gout of Guilt (Evoke Power, 1other, 1 test) x
Life’s Fire in Night’s Eye (Eye of the Hunter, 1 other, 1 test) x
Wings of Ash and Smoke (Self, Ob 3) x

Gear: Clothes. Fancy robes. Elvish scroll.
2D Cash.

Elf : Tulka-eru-lorre-nyellow. 250
Apprentices: Stanner (summoning) and Walthar (enchanting)
Bruin: letter-writer.
Prentice John.

3 months practice: 1/2 read (2h), 1/2 Write (2h), 1xR Etiquette, Haggling, persuasion (1h), 1/2 D perception (6h). (Winter)
3 months (Spring) 1/2 read, write. 1xR etiquette haggling, persuasion, 1 R elf-road wise,1 R Pyre-wise


Your title here…Rafferty came naturally to the Gift of Flame, living on the streets of Yeoford, sometimes igniting houses to cook sausages. Now that the King and Queen have converted and outlawed the Art Magic, there’s even less for him in Yeoford. Certain that fame and fortune, or at least food, lie elsewhere, he has determined to leave the City. Just as soon as he takes care of some business.

Under the street’s dirt, Raff’s red hair makes him hard to miss. His ragged, scorched clothes make him easy to ignore. If he’s known for anything in Yeoford, it’s for setting fires. Raff has blue-grey eyes and a snaggle-toothed grin.


Apt Pupil Judd Ironcinder